New year, new goals for me to make and then not follow through with.


Yes, I am talking about new year’s resolutions. Let me say this beforehand, though! I’m a very goal-oriented person. I make lists. I write plans on how I will clean my room in a new journal, color-code it, add stickers, frame it, and never do it. I love to plan and create goals for myself. I also love to procrastinate, apparently.

I’ve given in to the pressure of 2017. I got a gym membership.

I have no idea how this is going to go, to be completely honest with you. One of my resolutions is to lose nineteen pounds. Another is to try more food. I’m a mess.

I went to the mall and bought workout clothes. I went to the gym. I burnt some calories. I made a lunch for tomorrow consisting of solely fruit and mac n’ cheese from the organic department at Kroger. I went into the organic department at Kroger. I got up on time this morning, I dressed like I had my life together. I got everything written in my planner. I’m composing a blog post.

Let’s see how long the productivity lasts!

I read somewhere that you can break a habit in thirty days and create one in twenty-one. If I can keep this up for twenty-one days, I’ll be going to the gym out of habit instead of shoving an entire baguette down my throat. Maybe I’ll burn so many calories at the gym that when I get home I can eat two baguettes. That’s the life for me.

I’m going to list my resolutions so you can have a laugh. We all know I won’t go through with them. But what’s really funny is I’ll actually convince myself that I’ll do them, and then look back later and think “Where did I go wrong?”. Girl, I know where you went wrong already. You put on your sweatpants and a big warm blanket, ate a pint of ice cream, and watched four seasons of Friends. That’s where you went wrong.


  1. Log the highlights of your day daily.
  2. Blog more.
  3. Try more foods, even if they sound gross.
  4. Take no shit.
  5. Stay organized.
  6. Improve your routine.
  7. Lose nineteen pounds and tone up.
  8. Better your eating habits.
  9. Drink more water and less soda.
  10. Stop spending all your money at Sephora.

May you conquer your resolutions this year,


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Hi, I'm Hadley! I write and make art. I'm doing my best.

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